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Logistics services

skladiste zitnjak

Logistics services by the company VM2 offered to our business partners are based on our own distribution center in Zagreb and distribution center in Zadar. We specialize in providing logistics services tailored to individual needs and requirements of our customers:

  • Ambient storage of goods in storage facilities
  • Picking and labeling of goods
  • Creating input / output documentation and all related inventory records
  • Distribution of the goods: ambulatory (kakva je to ambulantna dostava?!) delivery to all retail stores and retail chains fleet adapted to the consignee
  • Commercial market processing: workflow, continuous tour of customers, taking orders
  • Improving field sales: processing buyer's insurance, control and positioning
  • Distribution center Zagreb

Logistics covers the city of Zagreb, Croatian northeast and Istria.

  • Warehouse over 5,000 pallet positions
  • The logistics partner with a warehouse for frozen and refrigerated goods
  • 5  trucks
  • 15 delivery vehicles

Distribution center Zadar

Logistics covers the southern part of the Croatian, Dalmatia and the islands.

Warehouse over 4,000 pallet positions

We have more than 20 years of experience in developing high-quality distribution of any new products on the market because in our long-term practice we have learnt to adapt and cope with the challenges in the market thanks to  perseverance, diligence, knowledge and professionalism.



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