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Perex is the new brand on the market whose products are intended for the cleaning and maintenance of home hygiene.

Easily and quickly Home Care, of which it was created our slogan "... wash with ease". Following global trends in its existing products in the field of brand Perex is constantly being improved, and the range of innovations on a regular basis. Continuous market research in order to meet consumer expectations and implementation of the identified requirements, resulting in an increase in consumer confidence in the brand Perex.

Spužva sa abrazivom 1/1, 3/1, 4/1
Spužva sa inox i teflon 1/1
Maxi spužva sa abrazivom 1/1
Spužvasta krpa 1/1, 3/1, 5/1
Žica za posuđe 1/1, 3/1

Krpa za brisanje poda 1/1
Krpa za staklo 1/1
Magična krpa 1/1
Premium krpa
Višenamjenska krpa 3/1

Mop classic
Dopuna za mop classic
Mop pamučni sa štapom
Magični mop sa samoocjeđivačem
Brisač poda sa drškom
Uložak pamučni za mop
Metla za čišćenje pvc
Kanta sa ocjeđivačem
Lopatica sa metlicom
Četka za čišćenje 1/1
Četka za ribanje 1/1


Rukavice Premium

Rukavice Optimum



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